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West Arsi Werka

West Arsi Werka

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FARM: Gara Kone

ORIGIN: West Arsi, Ethiopia

VARIETALS: Mixed Heirloom

PROCESS: Washed (Wet)


TASTING NOTES: Floral, Juicy, Mango, Jasmine

ROAST: Medium

750 smallholder farms contribute to what we call this "floral bomb." Surrounding farmers contribute their freshly picked cherries to Testi's washing station in Nensebo district. The high elevation causes the coffee cherries to grow slower, resulting in a sweeter, more complex cup. This region is often referred to as Sidama and lies in the southwest part of Ethiopia.

This coffee is incredibly fun to roast. We found that high heat and longer development time brings out the amazing qualities of this coffee. West Arsi Werka shines best when done as drip (pourover, french press, etc.) and would not recommend for espresso because it is so bright. When brewing, use as little agitation as possible. We're planning to keep this one for a while!

This coffee is sourced through Mizar Coffee Reserve who supports a #beyondfairtrade supply chain.

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