Woven Coffee Roaster is a family owned coffee roastery located in the heart of the Santa Maria Valley. We come from previous careers in the coffee industry and have always dreamed of doing coffee our way. Our name "Woven is inspired by the fact that coffee weaves people and communities together. We've seen how folks from all walks of life can come together around a great cup of coffee and find similarities.

Our passion is to source the very best coffee in the world. We give unparalleled quality, experience, and relationships. We're dedicated to changing the perception of what coffee can be, while making a positive impact on our farming partners.



We aim to source all of our coffees from small family farms through direct-trade. Not only does this allow our farming partners a dignified standard of living, it gives us full transparecy across the life of our coffee. Our partners oversee every step of the supply chain including - ripeness teams armed with sugar-reading refractometers as well as an on-site Q Grader.


It's easy to feel connected to our food and wine sources because we can see the process of how it is created. Because coffee is grown so far away, we lose connection to that first part of coffee's lifecycle. We love to educate our customers about where their coffee from and tell them about the amazing farmers who grew it.